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from Veggie-Wedgie by Nina Savidi

Here is the recipe!

So, this isn’t a new recipe, I made these tasty little bars shortly after she posted the recipe. They were so good though! I had to make them again when I found myself surrounded by lemons recently. We had some family visiting from out of town, so I was able to share. What I enjoy most about these is that they aren’t sickly sweet or heavy. I used to love the non-vegan lemon bar, but obviously it’s been a while since I’ve had one. Unlike the traditional lemon bar, this one isn’t sticky and heavy; the crust is a little drier and almost… savory. The recipe says coconut oil or butter, and I’ve only used the oil; I’ve never put anything like peanut butter into a pie crust, so I figured the oil was what she meant.  The coconut in the lemon filling brings this dessert to a whole new level, tempering the sour of the lemon (it has a nice pucker power!) with a slight sweetness.

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