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from Apron Strings

You’ll find the recipe here!

I’ve had this recipe printed out and lurking next to my grocery list for the longest time. But then the holidays got in the way, and then I wasn’t in the mood for cauliflower… but finally, the time came. It was a super cold day, and I felt a bit like I was coming down with a cold. Thankfully I didn’t- perhaps because of this soup? I busted out my big soup pot, as this was a recipe to be doubled. Again, so glad that I did! What a hearty bowl of soup to cozy up to. Mike had seconds, but one bowl was super filling for me. Perhaps it was the rice? I used a brown and wild rice mix, which was super yummy- adding some texture to this smooth soup. The funny thing about this soup is that it isn’t overly sweet potato flavored, nor is it cauliflowery. I’d say it’s mostly a savory curry veggie flavor, very mellow. I might even guess that there were garbanzo beans in it, if we were playing such a game. It’s pretty thick- I ended up needing extra broth to cover the veggies before I could simmer them, but that was easy enough. And Daiya cheese? Heaven. I didn’t have enough of the mozzarella style, so I did a mix of both mozzarella and cheddar style. Ungh. So glad there’s still some in the fridge; I know what we’re having for dinner tonight. Thanks for the great recipe, Lana!

from FatFree Vegan Kitchen

For this one, I’m not posting the recipe. You’ll have to follow that link up there. I made these a few months ago, and I emailed Susan V. asking permission to post the recipe here in my usual format, but still haven’t heard back from her. So… have at it.
You’re looking at the leftover “falafels” as I ate them the next day. They were just as good as they were the night before! No, they’re not even close to a traditional falafel (which would not have been so tasty as a leftover). The texture is not even close. The density is though. And the flavor, pretty close. I suppose you could deep fry them and achieve something much closer, but that would be not so free of fat. What really made this dish a superstar was the super food sweet potato addition. You couldn’t really tell that they were in there! I cannot imagine it without the sauce; the falafels are a tad on the dry side.
I was a little surprised at how long these took me to make. Hence the picture of the leftovers, rather than a picture of our dinner as served the night before. They’d be good to make on a Sunday afternoon with plans to pack the leftovers into lunches throughout the week. I preferred them in a salad to inside a pita, as the pita dryness combined with the falafel dryness made for sauce sinning, which totally defeats the purpose of a fat free recipe. I can’t think of any way that I’d tweak this recipe! I think it’d be perfect for someone who doesn’t particularly care for sweet potatoes, but seeks to up her super food intake. Like my sister.

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