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All patterns are from PuchiCollective

These are my Blythe dolls. They’re a lot of fun… best of all is their eyes. See those strings coming from the backs of their heads? Pull on them, and their eyes change color. There are four colors to choose from! I’ve made different clothes for them over the last few years, getting patterns from Puchi, and also xoxo, Blythe. They’re a lot of fun because you can use up scraps and patterns look so different on a small scale than if you were to make a dress for yourself out of one of those paisley prints. For the blue party dress, I altered the pattern a bit, making the collar square and the shoulder straps thinner. I love how it looks, but turning the bodice inside out is a major pain with those skinny shoulder straps! (The bodice is two layers, sewn right sides together). It’s also a lot of fun picking out the details- little buttons and rick-rack; which it was my first time using. The little burgundy dress is also fully lined, which I love. The pattern consists of just two pieces- the lining and the dress, which I also love. It was so easy! This was the first one I’ve made from this pattern and I was able to bust it out within two hours. So I decided to make a blue one of it for Bean. I like making multiples, you might find.
Now, onto that cat! This is perhaps the 5th of these that I’ve made. I’ve also made the lamb, the bird, and an owl using the squirrel pattern. They are all hand-stitched from felt, and it’s almost meditative. The only thing to look out for on the cat pattern is that it seems that the “head centre” piece is too short. So I just add an inch to it and cut off what I don’t need after I stitch the head all together.
It’s a really fun site to snoop around for a while, with some really great tutorials. I think I might need a bang trim! You can learn how to switch out eye colors and even paint on freckles. It makes me itch to add to my collection!
Here’s a cat I made a few years ago:
And here’s another party dress I made two years ago:

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