from Nylon, May 2007

This is one of those projects where it might have been nice had I taken pictures of my process for you to see. Sorry, I was too busy watching Project Runway.
I made a hoodie like this for myself shortly after I bought the magazine. My lovely friend Sabrina fancied one for herself, and was willing to shell out the steep payment of, get this: one men’s XL pullover hoodie. Using the tutorial in the magazine, I was able to churn out this cute little number, custom fit to her cute little figure!
While trying to find info on the designers Mike & Chris, I found a site that actually has the magazine in it’s entirety available online. If you look hard enough, you can probably find it… but basically, it’s such a great idea: you chop the hoodie in half, just above the pocket (it won’t work with a zipper hoodie), and cut again just below the bust for an empire waist. Cut off the sleeves. Make a pleat on the shoulder, and fit the hoodie to the body that will be rocking it, and sew it back together. Hem the sleeves, and turn the excess fabric from the middle into a fancy little “neck belt” (that’s the genius part, really), add some buttons, and BAM. You can do that, right? C’mon, it’s SEW EASY.