from Gluten-Free Goddess by Karina Allrich

(Here is the fabulous recipe…)

Good thing I was making this for a crowd, because I could have eaten the entire thing by myself. I love pumpkin, and I love spice. And there’s something to using quinoa flour in a recipe- it adds a sort of nuttiness that is so faint and light, yet still substantial. Plus, it adds protein and fiber! This cake is practically good for you! Ms. Allrich is so right when she claims that this cake is moist enough that it doesn’t need a topping. But I thought it looked a little naked, so I modified this recipe, using orange juice instead of lemon, and maple syrup in place of a couple of those tablespoons of nondairy milk, and maple flavoring in place of the vanilla. It was like the topping for a maple bar! Sickeningly sweet and delicious. I drizzled it on top of each slice, just before serving. All i can say is UNGH.
Now, about some alterations due to my lack of altitude. I live basically at sea level, so I panicked a little bit when I saw that The Goddess bakes at 7,000 feet! Looking back, it’s a good thing that I didn’t read this before I was actually in the kitchen with the ingredients out to make the cake, because this intimidated me so greatly that I would have backed out, even after having purchased sorghum flour just for the occasion. I did a quick search and found this guide, which totally saved the day! I ended up mixing the flours together, as instructed for the cake, and then I took out a few tablespoons of the three combined, since I didn’t want to upset the balance of flours, figuring that Ms. Allrich had chosen that ratio for a reason. Adjusting for the sugars, baking powder and soda was easy, and since the recipe called for an eyeballing of liquid anyway, it was pretty easy.
This truly amazing cake needs to be made for one of the 63 gazillion people that I know with an October birthday. Now, who’s deserving?