Oof. It may not look like much, but this is a biggie. I say that because it’s not just my bedroom closet- I’m working on ALL of the closets in our house. After a few trips to Goodwill, a trip to Buffalo Exchange, much sorting and tossing, here we are. It all started with my childproofing efforts- my need to get those cleaning supplies, plastic bags, cat hair tumbleweeds, and bottles of wine out of my speedy daughter’s reach. Yes, I know that there’s nothing like adult supervision to keep a baby safe, but I have visions of myself losing consciousness and her gnawing her way into a lower cabinet (those little teeth have needs…) to get to those lemon fresh cleaning supplies. Hence the big clean. I’m sure the checkers at Target saw me coming and whispered to each other: It’s her- the Itso bin collector. I bet she’s got a crazy hoard! Well, it’s true. But my hoard is organized, and it’s much smaller than it used to be. I put five of the Itso bins on that upper shelf there- on either side of the jeans stack, and they house out-of-season shoes, scarves, and handbags. Lots of handbags. I found that snazzy hanging shoe holder at The Container Store, and the (double sided and double awesome) jewelry organizer is from Mary Kay. Here’s a closer look at that action:
This project went beyond the bedroom. I did the laundry closet, both hall closets, and all of the cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen. The only thing that I wish I could change at this point is the closet wall color! They look so blank and ugly compared to all of my pretty and organized bins. I still have a lot of work to do- various bookshelves throughout the house are full of boxes of old photographs and art supplies. Knowing that I don’t have huge messes piled up in my closets is such a relief. Having started the project and working on it slowly (I started in March!), one closet at a time, made this project so easy to handle.
Here’s the hall closet. Sorry about the sad photos; there is a wall where I would have liked to have stood in order to have taken the ideal photo. Sigh.

This one really drove home the fact that I don’t need so much in the way of toiletry back stock! I don’t know what it is, but I have a fear that I’m going to run out of lotion and that will be my fate- dry skin forever! Silly me. Perhaps one bottle in my stock would suffice, not three. I’m working on it. And can we talk about lip gloss and eye shadow? I’d better start piling it on if I’m going to use it all in this life time.
Well, if you wonder where I am in the next few weeks, I’ll be tackling my craft supply mayhem. Before this it was a task that the thought gave me such anxiety. But now I think I can handle it.