from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins

Hello cutie! This little guy was a great one-day project. And best of all, he’s made out of remnants from other projects! That blue paisley you might recognize from Blythe’s dress, and the green fabric is the lining fabric that you can’t see here.
I made him for my friend’s baby, who is expected at the end of this month. I hope that they like him!
Overall, this was a relatively simple project; though some parts were challenging- more so physically! My fingers are raw after turning that stupid skinny little trunk around, and stuffing it wasn’t easy either. The instructions given say to stuff the elephant after you attach the head to the body, but trust me on this, stuff that trunk before you sew the head on. I was so glad that I did! I had to use the chopstick that I keep in my sewing kit to get those little balls of stuffing down in there, and I imagine it would be quite difficult to maneuver it in through the body as well. I realized after I had the body assembled that I put the arms on upside down. Let’s just say I wanted this elephant to look like he’s cheering… though I can’t imagine putting the arms on the other way. So droopy. What do we expect though, from this girl who refuses to follow all of the directions. You might also notice that I didn’t sew on a mouth. I didn’t like how it looked!
The instructions also give options for button eyes, but since this is for a person who is under 3 years of age, we’ll stick with embroidered eyes. There aren’t instructions for embroidering them, however, so I was glad that I remembered the satin stitch that I learned for these kitties… I did a few layers of the stitch to give the eyes some more dimension.
I love the simplicity of this project, and it’s one that you could easily translate to other animals. And you know how much I love a project that uses up old scraps and bold patterns. Baby L, I hope that you find a longtime friend in this little elephant. I love you already!