from Prudent Baby

How much am I in love with this site? I could spend days here. These two woman crank out a project a day (if not more, it seems), and probably never wear the same thing twice. They take really great photos of the projects as they’re making them, which makes the tutorial so easy to follow and understand. Plus, they pick out all of these great fabrics, making me feel super inspired. Jaime posted this one (Jacinda is her partner in prudent crime), and mentioned that this is a really great project to start out with if you have never installed a zipper. I completely agree.
She tells you the dimensions that she used for the makeup bag in the tutorial, but you can make the bag as large or small or wide or tall as you’d like. Fun, right? For this project I started out making two smaller bags- with supplies I already had. I was a little disappointed by their size, which I determined based on my zipper length. Perfect for a mini makeup kit (if you’re like me, that is), for in your purse. I gave one to my good friend just before she took her beautiful toddling daughter on a flight, and she kept her little toys in there! She loves it, so we’re all happy. But me, I require a BIG makeup bag. I don’t like cramming my prettymaking supplies into a small bag, so I went out in search of some fabric that I love. And some bigger zippers! I ended up making four of those (yes, I like to make multiples. I love to give gifts!). I’d say my total work time on them was four hours? And that’s a generous estimate.
My favorite part of this project is the opportunity to showcase two great fabrics- so often I am sold on a jacket or bag because of the lining fabric. See the lining in that wee bag? That was from a rather large scrap that said friend handed down to me. It seemed to please her greatly to see how I’d used it. Enjoy it, Sug! xoxo