from One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins

I was SO EXCITED when I found this book at my local fabric shop, and promptly went through and put a bookmark on at least 30 of the 101 projects. The first one I made was kind of a bust, as I underestimated my chest size for the “Summer Nightie,” so I abandoned the book for a bit of breathing room. I came back a few weeks later refreshed and ready to take on this relatively simple and straightforward project on a recent crafternoon. The book includes pattern pieces, and also gives dimensions for pieces like the strap and other simple shapes. Still, the pocket with the pattern pieces in it is bursting! Bursting with excitement, that is.
This was my first experience with a French seam. I loved it! Basically, it gives you a seam with no edge-  you do sew it twice, so the edge of the fabric is tucked magically inside. The way the author explained it made it so easy, and without a picture even. I opted not to include the velcro or snap that the pattern called for on the tie- who wants to fiddle with that when I can just bundle it up like this:

I like the simplicity of the tie. I suppose if you wanted a bow, you could make a longer strap. I love it just how it is. And apparently it’s a good design- my model friend here has already commissioned one. I think she did such a great job helping me out that I might just make her one, free of charge. It only took a couple of hours, and I had fabric left over from my “one yard.” Awesome project- I can’t wait to show you the next one from the book, which I’ve already cut out.