from Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter

If you’ve never sewn before and want to start, here’s the project for you! This was even more simple than the crib sheet that I made… and it functions beautifully! There are two magazines AND a paperback in that middle pocket! Plus, having your lip balm and hand lotion so close throughout the night is priceless. I started this project a couple of years ago, as a wedding gift for my friend. Today she brought her wee son over, and I was finally able to give it to her! I had packed the entire project away after cutting it out so that we could remodel our house, and totally forgot about it. I found it a few weeks ago, and it’s haunted me ever since. I wasn’t looking forward to doing all of that edge stitching on the red bias tape (which isn’t a part of the pattern) on my old sewing machine. That was one reason I’d put it off… so when I bought my new machine a few weekends ago, I had no excuse! Here’s a photo of the new machine, while I was sewing the lining. You don’t see the lining on the bed pocket because it’s on the underside. Too bad!

The pattern itself is pretty easy to follow, and you can make a bed pocket for a twin, queen, or king sized bed. I’m sure you could make adjustments if you had a full sized bed to fit as well. The only issue I had was that you don’t see the lining! Of course, this makes sense… when you line a dress, you don’t see the lining there, right? Silly me. I would have chosen prettier fabric for the main panels, rather than for the lining. That’s why I added the red bias tape around the edges  (instead of sewing the lining and main panel together right sides together at the end, I just sealed it all up with the bias tape on either sides, and across the main panel bottom edges). It was SO easy. One important thing about bias tape though, if you’re new to it- it’s important that you DO NOT pull on it as you press it, or as you sew it. It gets wrinkly and distorted. I didn’t know this until my mom educated me. Thanks mom! Kristen, I hope that you enjoy your bed pocket. Congrats on your wedding, way back when…