I made this up for a quick Friday night meal.

whole wheat pasta of your choice, enough for 2 people
1 tbsp olive oil
1 bunch fresh asparagus, bases broken off and chopped into bite size pieces
1/2 c roasted garlic
3/4 c cashew cream
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
2 gardein chick’n scallopini, cooked according to package directions

Cook the pasta according to package instructions. Heat oil in a large pan on medium heat and toss in your asparagus. We like it a bit crunchy still, so I didn’t cook it long before tossing in the other ingredients. If you like it a little mushier, feel free to put the lid on the pot so it steams and softens a bit. When it’s getting close to where you like it cooked, add the roasted garlic, cashew cream and sprinkle on the nutritional yeast. Lower the heat and keep stirring to combine the ingredients. Add the cooked pasta and stir it all up to coat. Serve with the chick’n, as you see fit. Serves 2.

This is a tasty, quick and easy weeknight meal if you happen to have both braised garlic and cashew cream kicking around in your fridge. In fact, if I had one, I’d make a batch of the other, just so I could make a meal like this. Of course, you can vary the ingredients (hello, broccoli!), and the amounts you use to suit the whims of your tastebuds… And honestly I am having a hard time remembering how much of each ingredient I used… that’s the great thing about cooking, as opposed to baking- you can adjust as you wish.
And can we take a moment to discuss those chick’n scallopinis? Wow. I am an ethical vegan, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes pine for my first true love, chicken. When my mom asked what I wanted for my third birthday, thinking I might ask for a doll or a pony, I told her I wanted chicken. I loved chicken more than most things in life. These “breasts” are the most comparable thing to chicken that I’ve found. We’ve tried a few of their products, all of them tasty. The marinara chick’n good stuff! Dang! Served up with fried polenta and a salad on the side? So good. I first read about the products in the Tal Ronnen cookbook, and was so excited when I finally found them in the freezer at our market. We’ll be tasting more of these…