from Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler

You might remember my kitties from a few weeks back… well here’s another project out of the same book.
This project went really fast. It was almost a letdown how easy it was, so if you’re new to sewing, start here!!! Basically, it’s three rectangles of fabric (unless you have wide fabric, then it’s just a rectangle with the corners cut out), and you make a five sided box, finish the seams, hem the edges, and put elastic in the ends. I completed it in two evenings of leisurely sewing (we were also re-watching Dexter). But I really love how it turned out. Granted, it probably costs more to make than it would to purchase a sheet, but you get to make it out of the perfect fabric! There are instructions for using different widths of fabric; I had 44″ wide, hence the seams. But if you can find fabric that is 54″ wide, you won’t have seams along the side edges of the sheet. I suppose if you have a larger pattern it would be more noticeable than the relatively small print that I chose.
This is one of those projects that requires you to measure and cut out the pieces, rather than depending on a pattern piece. It still seems unnerving to me, like I’m going to mess it up. It makes sense really, and I’ve done a few projects like this. Having a rotary cutter, cutting mat, a large clear ruler with a cutting edge, and a cutting table or large space on the floor helps, obviously. Otherwise your lines might not be straight! I’m not sure yet if I’ll make more sheets… we’ll have to see how quickly I can bust out all of those other projects I have bookmarked. I’m starting a new one tonight… stay tuned.