from Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler

I’d made 4 of these kitties last year, and they quickly got distributed among my friends with little ones. I did make one for my baby, and she loves to suck on its tail. This time I made a couple extra, since my sister saw last year’s litter and regretted telling me that she didn’t want me to make one at the time, and also knowing that my friends were going to keep reproducing.
The pattern is pretty easy to follow, and there are clear instructions for the embroidery stitches in the back of the book. If you are new to fabric reinforcing materials (such as fusible webbing or Wonder Under), this is a great project to warm up to it with, since you are using such a small amount of fabric (I used scraps and fat quarters). I love this project because you can choose fabric that you love but don’t want to commit to for a larger project like a dress… and it’s also fun in that you can do it pretty quickly. My challenge was with the stitching around the snout, ears, and feet. My sewing machine is crappy. I don’t know if I have a bobbin tension problem or what, but yes, I’ve taken it in to the machine doctor and he did a tune up and got me going with the correct bobbins (I’d been using the wrong kind, who knew???), but still, my threads bunch up and fray… so I took the kitties over to my mom’s house to use her awesome Bernina for the zigzag satin stitching. It went much smoother this time around. Also, you might notice that my new kitties lack tail stripes. Yes, I decided I liked them better without, largely because the stripes were a hassle for how much I didn’t love them. And you know, I do love stripes. Here’s a photo of last year’s kitties, with stripes:

And here’s my favorite one of the new litter. I’d planned to send it to a friend, but I’m having a really hard time parting with it. My sister accuses me of being a hoarder. Update: I did send it away! This kitty is happy in her new home, and her name is Flora.

Also, my sister feels bad that her kitty didn’t get a solo photo as well. She named this one Robertle:

Looking back, I’m realizing that I didn’t stuff the first litter enough!  I also made an effort to separate each foot this time, instead of making such a blobby form (which I do enjoy). My BF, Bean calls the new ones “twinkle toes!” Tee! Love it. Next project out of this book: a sheet for baby’s crib! I have the fabric all ready to go…