McCall’s pattern M4351

Now, if you know me, you know I’m not a cutesy girlie type. Not so much into pastels, unless they’re paired with something bold… so I was a little nervous when I found out that I was having a girl. But I’ve had SO MUCH FUN putting together little outfits for her, some of them a little less girlie than others. Sometimes people think she’s a boy (because baby girls don’t wear blue. EVER), but I don’t think she minds. I bought this pattern and fabric when I was still pregnant, but didn’t have the time or brainpower until just recently to motivate do do it.
This pattern was a little more complicated than I’d expected it to be! Good thing my mom taught me a lot in the sewing department, including how very important it is to press your seams!  I say that it’s more complicated because it told me to do these fancypants seams on the ties, a decorative seam of some sort, but I just ended up sewing them right sides together because it didn’t really make sense to spend TOO much time on something that my daughter would only wear for 6 months or so (though I did hem the bottom of the dress by hand, because a machine sewn hem is not my style). The pattern also included instructions for a petticoat! Because a lined dress for a baby just isn’t enough. This skirt is FULL already, and I can’t imagine sewing through yet another layer. Yes, I love it, and that’s why I chose it, but come on. A petticoat made of netting? For someone who isn’t a square dancer? I don’t think so. The pattern also had instructions and variations for collars, ribbon trims, contrast bands… all of which I thought would be too much. The print on the fabric was bold enough that this dress needs no bells and whistles. I would definitely make this dress again, perhaps as a shower gift… but only in the largest size so that it gets the most wear!