Hi! I’m Woot. I live in Eugene, Oregon. Here’s a picture that I made in 2002, when I was at the University of Oregon working toward my BFA in Visual Design. It’s called First Communion, and it’s mixed media. I also like to sew, make prints, make food, wrap presents and take photographs.
I made a resolution three years back to be vegan, and two years ago, I quit smoking. Last year I decided that I’d make the effort to maintain a clean house, rather than wait until it gets dirty to do a big clean. All of these resolutions have stuck, I’m very proud to say. This year, my New Years Resolutions were to 1) try a new recipe each week, and 2) make (at least) one crafty thing each month. So far, so good. This blog is the proof that I’m doing it.
I realize that this is a little late in the year to be talking resolutions, but isn’t the point to keep them going all year long? Besides, I found that they tend to stick better if I don’t begin hungover. What are your resolutions?